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Staff Application - ItsMinimite
Your Ign:- Minimite69 

Discord:- itstherealzia#1804

Timezone:- Eastern Timezone

How long have you been a part of the Royal Universe community?

I have been part of Royal Universe for roughly about 2-3 months and have got to know the server better as my playtime increases, and talking to new members also.

Have you ever been restricted on the server? (Warn, mute, ban, etc.) If so, please elaborate on the reason for each restriction and explain what you have learned from your punishment.

I not been punished in any way on any server and also am not looking forward to and the reason why is that I don’t like the idea of “hacking” or spamming because spamming causes major lag which is extremely annoying.


Currently I am 16 years old and am going to turn 17 on August 7th.

Are you comfortable with being interviewed over Discord?

I have no problem being interviewed on discord, though I would like to decide on a interview date and discuss with other staff about details.

How often do you see yourself being on the server every day?

I often see myself on Royal Universe 2-3 hours on weekdays and 4-5 hours on Saturday. To be honest I do not see myself on the server on Sunday because I spend family time on that specific day.

How would you describe yourself?

I would describe myself as someone who likes everything going smoothly and am someone that does not like anything getting ruined in any way. I am also very athletic and love playing soccer, basketball, and ball hockey. I am extremely fair and no matter where you are from, I keep things as fair as possible.

How do you see yourself contributing to the community as a staff member? Be specific and thorough:-

I see myself contributing to this server by advertising on other servers to get members to join Royal universe and donate. I am aware that I can get banned for this but I think of it as it being worth it to increase the members of Royal universe. Another way I see myself contributing to this server is by me helping members and to be specific new members and help them in any way I can.

In your opinion, why would you make a better staff member than other applicants? Be specific:-

I am not saying that I am a better applicant than others, in fact I am saying that I would be a good choice for a staff member. I do not think of myself as me being better than other applicants because I think we are all a good staff member in different ways. The reason why I am a good choice is because I am able to guide new members and tell tham about the server, I am able to advertise on other servers even though I may get banned and I can

What else should we know about you? Tell us some more about you as a person:-

My name is Abdul and as I mentioned atelier I love playing sports. I think it is a good way to stay healthy and active. I am someone who learns from his mistakes and doesn’t not constantly repeat them. I applied on a server recently and I got denied, but I did not give up. I knew there would always be a next time and this is it!

      Best Regards, ItsMinimite

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