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My builder application
1. Your age:

2. What languages do you fluently speak:
Filipino, English

3. Why are you interested in being a builder on Royal Universe?
To help out if the server is in need of maps etc. I also picked this server because it's rather new and wanted to help it grow.

4. What are some amazing things you have built? [please provide images]

5. Have you been a staff on a Minecraft server before?
Yes, 4 servers to be exact. 3 of them are builder rank and 1 is helper rank (All of them are major servers averaging 1000+ players) 

6. How can we contact you? [email, etc.] (Please PM me this information with your name and IGN)
I think we can contact each other already.

7. Why do you think you should be a builder on Royal Universe?
I should be a builder on the server because of my past experience on other servers and my dedication to help out the server. I can also easily adopt to different styles of building if needed.

8. In game name:

9.Additional Info
I'm also very good at art because of this I use my art ability and combine it in my builds to make it look more visually stunning.

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