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Staff Application (Japell) (fixed)

Discord:-japell#0843 or Japell#0843

Timezone:-Eastern Standard Time

How long have you been a part of the Royal Universe community? I've spent about 6+ hours but still making the hours go up!

Have you ever been restricted on the server? (Warn, mute, ban, etc.) If so, please elaborate on the reason for each restriction and explain what you have learned from your punishment. I have received 2 warns but Me and Tarun talked it out. I'f you need to know why I got warned dm on discord 


Are you comfortable with being interviewed over Discord? Yeah I don't mind meeting and talking to new people.

How often do you see yourself being on the server every day? Well depends on my sports but I'd give it a good 1-3 hours (can improve if need to)

How would you describe yourself? Funny, Loud, Odd, Comedian 

How do you see yourself contributing to the community as a staff member? Be specific and thorough:- Well I used to be a helper and a Head Moderator on 2 big servers but sadly they shutdown but before they did shutdown, I first joined when I saw 6 people on online and I was offered a job right as I joined. Around 2 ish months later I started see the player count go up by a lot and around 5 months later the server go shutdown (don't know why). So in conclusion I was one of their best moderators because I was legit the only one on duty at all times.

In your opinion, why would you make a better staff member than other applicants? Be specific:- I would say my application could be better then others because I am currently a moderator on 2 of my friends discord server (around 50+ active people in each). I was a staff member on 2 big minecraft servers (Around 100+ active players) but the owner had to shut it down (don't know why)

What else should we know about you? Tell us some more about you as a person:- I am a twitch streamer (twitch.tv/japell) and also a Product tester for https://redragonshop.com/ ( I can show email proof)

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