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Staff Application - Wick
Big Grin 


Timezone:-+2 gms

How long have you been a part of the Royal Universe community? 8 months

Have you ever been restricted on the server? (Warn, mute, ban, etc.) If so, please elaborate on the reason for each restriction and explain what you have learned from your punishment. Iv been banned 2x bcs iv helped Tarun with anticheat

Age? 15

Are you comfortable with being interviewed over Discord? Sure

How often do you see yourself being on the server every day? weekends alot on school days after school if i dont have alot of study to do

How would you describe yourself? a helpful person who likes to joke around with friends 

How do you see yourself contributing to the community as a staff member? Be specific and thorough:-Id try to get rid of hackers and toxic people

In your opinion, why would you make a better staff member than other applicants? Be specific:- Honestly i dont think im better than others everyone has their chance to be a staff 

What else should we know about you? Tell us some more about you as a person:- I can be a good friend Wink or a great rival   Big Grin

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